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Movie Metropolis has been created to bring spoiler-free reviews and the latest news to film and cinema lovers across the globe. Our incredibly talented team of writers provide different levels of expertise, with each contributor bringing their own unique writing style to the site. We love all genres here at Movie Metropolis.

If you’re wondering how to start blogging then why not get in touch to see if you could be the next member of the team?

What does Movie Metropolis offer?

As well as the ability to write on a site that attracts thousands of people every month, Movie Metropolis believes that your writing should remain just that: yours. Each article you submit to Movie Metropolis will be promoted on all our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We are rightly proud to have been voted one of the best blogs in the UK by Feedspot in 2018, ranking at #8 in their list of Top 10 UK Movie Blogs, meaning more eyes are on us than ever before.

In addition, you will also receive your own contributor section on the blog, meaning you can post your own articles, choose your own imagery and submit them for review before going live under your name.

Movie Metropolis can absolutely guarantee that your work will be read by a film-savvy audience, as well as promoted regularly to our continuously growing network of fans. Becoming part of the Movie Metropolis team is an excellent way to build your presence online, gain valuable experience, and become part of a team that loves films just like you do.

Here at Movie Metropolis, we offer three bespoke packages meaning what you write and how often is down to you. As long as they fall into one of the three below categories, you’re all set. So, what are they?

Monthly Contributor 

A Monthly Contributor writes about what they want, subject to approval, only once a month, so it’s perfect for those of us who are a little too busy to commit to more than this. Articles submitted will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Articles can be submitted whenever you wish, as long as one is posted in the calendar month.

Fortnightly Contributor 

A Fortnightly Contributor writes about what they want, subject to approval, twice a month. They are literally the only criteria. Articles submitted will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Articles can be submitted whenever you wish, as long as two are posted in the calendar month.

Weekly Contributor

A Weekly Contributor is for those who just love writing and want to share their love of film with the world as often as possible. Weekly Contributors submit a minimum of one article per week. You are again able to write about whatever you want, subject to approval. Choosing this option means we will work together to find a day that’s suitable so all your articles can go live at the same time each week.

What do we need from you?

Very little. An exceptional standard of English and a love for all things film are the only pre-requisites. As long as you feel you can fulfil your role as a contributor, we’d love to have you on-board.

If after all that you’d like to join our team, send an email to: 

Please include a 500 word review of a film of your choice, along with any links to your social media accounts, blogs and Adam will be in touch with you as soon as he can.

This is a great way to learn blogging from the ground up, so get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to Movie Metropolis very soon.

Contributor Testimonials

Jesse Williams

“Writing for Movie Metropolis has been a dream come true. I’ve loved films for years and I never thought I would ever get to write about them. Not only has this website given me that privilege, but it’s also made me a better and more confident writer. Without Movie Metropolis, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as determined to write for a living as I am now.”

The small print

Each user will be granted access to the site and is able to submit articles under their own username. However, should the user need to leave their contributing role at any time, all content will be attributed back to Movie Metropolis and remain property of Movie Metropolis indefinitely. Nevertheless, any content written will still retain a byline of “Written by Firstname Lastname” in the post for clarity.


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