A Man of Many Faces: Robin Williams Tribute

The world recoiled in shock today as news outlets across the globe announced the death of the loveable actor, Robin Williams who was 63. Many of us here in the United Kingdom woke to the news that the thespian, known for roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, one of my favourite films, Good Will Hunting and Night at the Museum had committed suicide at his California mansion. Continue reading

A little person who’s a very big fan…

When I think of fans of Movie Metropolis, it would generally be people who are able to read, possibly write and most definitely be able to talk; how else would the word spread of how great MM actually is? (modest I know)

However, it seems that I have a brand new fan, little Lyla from the UK who is less than two months old. Continue reading

“Watch out Pixar” How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review


Director: Dane BeBlois   Music: John Powell

Voices: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett, Kit Harington

Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon was an example of setting your expectations low and coming out pleasantly surprised. The first film proved that the studio could create animated masterpieces and it left audiences across the globe hooked.

However, expectation has never been higher for its sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2, but does it soar to the dizzying heights of its predecessor? Continue reading

“Terrible film-making at its best” Transformers 4 Review


Director: Michael Bay   Music: Steve Jablonsky

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer

Michael Bay’s Transformers series has received a huge amount of criticism since the first film was released back in 2007, some of it fair, and some of it not. Now, 7 years on and three films later, Bay returns to the helm of one of the biggest movie franchises of all time with Transformers: Age of Extinction, but can it silence his critics? Continue reading

Jurassic World: What We Know (3)


DISCLAIMER: If you wish to keep everything hush-hush, do not scroll down.

Work on Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World is coming along swimmingly, if the filtering through of promo shots is to be believed anyway. We’ve been keeping you up to date with all the latest goings on in update 1 and update 2, and since then there’s been even more information. This update takes a little different approach in that it’s just a slideshow – there’s just too much to see!

From rumours of hybrid dinosaurs, to brand spanking new vehicles, it’s going to be an agonising wait for fans of the series until June next year. A teaser trailer for Jurassic World is expected at Christmas.

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